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Bonus code archive World of Tanks

The Daily Bounce August Bonus Code

August 20, 2018

Want a small bonus for your account? Then you can use bonus code


And once you login you will get:
  • +300% Crew experience for 2 hours Personal Reserve
  • +50% Credits for 2 hours Personal Reserve
  • 1x Large Repair Kit, 1xLarge First Aid Kit and 1x Automatic Fire Extinguisher.
This code is valid for any accounts from European region only. Each code can be used only once per account, and if you have already activated the code from one contributor, you won’t be able to activate the code from another contributor. The code is valid till 31.08.2018, 00:00 UTC.

Bonus Code +50% Credit Booster, +300% Crew Booster

August 3, 2018

Use bonus code


You get a +50% credit booster, +300% crew booster and some premium consumables!

World of Tanks Exclusive Mission Bonus Code

July 7, 2018

The Daily Bounce now has an exclusive code for EU players that will activate a unique mission.
Each code can be used only once per account, and if somebody has already activated the code from one contributor, he won’t be able to activate the code from another contributor.
The code and mission are valid till 30.07.2018, 00:00 UTC. The mission should be completed BEFORE that time to get the reward. The code provides players with a token, which activates the following mission:


Use this bonus code.

  • Random battles, Grand battles
  • Tier IV+ vehicles
  • The mission can be completed once per account
  • Play 5 battles
  • Be among the top 10 Experience earners on your team
The reward for completing the mission is:
  • 1x +300% Crew experience for 2 hours
  • 1x Large Repair Kit • 1x Large First Aid Kit
  • 1x Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Bonus Code +300% Crew Booster

July 6, 2018

Thanks WorldofTanks for making me a personal bonus code for the community!


You get a mission for a +300% Crew Booster as well as premium consumables!

Invite Bonus Code

April 22, 2018

In anticipation of the new year are often made gifts, the more distributed reusable invite codes, so it is a pity that it appears they are more and more for NA World of Tanks cluster. Churchill III has been further Golda was with silver, this time is a small premium T-127 with a 100% crew on board, so more and amplifying module drives pickup in the set, so to speak for all the sand Naguib comes in the kit.


First we need to define a reusable invite link in the registration and in designated Count invite code you must enter bonus code, where after entering the new account get very interesting buns:
  • Premium Soviet Tank T-127 (level 3 WoT);
  • 7 days of the Premium Account
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

Invites Code For Churchill 3

February 8, 2018

New invitement codes for World of Tanks did not appear unfortunately, but again we were given to us to issue an invasion of Churchill 3 with an additional seven days of premium account. Only for new players wot and only at the time of registration to enter the valid invitement code for June 2018.





You get Churchill 3 + 7 days premium.

World of Tanks Bonus Code

September 16, 2017

Enter this code and you need to play a battle and win in order to receive the reward.


Gives amazing Munich emblem.

Invite Bonus Code

August 28, 2017

Enter this code.


You get PZ.Kpfw. T 15 + crew level + 7 days premium.


You get PZ.Kpfw. T 15 + crew level + 7 days premium.

Gamescom goodie Bonus Code

August 23, 2017

Enter this code and get some goodies.


Gives 5 personal reserves for crew experience.

Quickybaby Bonus Codes

May 4, 2017

Quick heads up, Quickybaby got two codes that have about 15,000 uses for EU, NA and ASIA Servers. Try to use them while they are still active, its not much, but it still something. Also, I had to try several times on EU because I was getting an error, if you do, just keep trying. Seems the Server can’t handle a lot of people trying to activate a code.


1 Day Premium Account


2x Personal Reserves 100% Crew 2 Hours

World of Tanks EU bonus code for special offers

April 12, 2017

The bonus code is


Only works on EU server.
  • SLOT
  • €39.99
  • SLOT
  • €34.99
  • SLOT
  • €39.99

World of Tanks Bonus Code 2017

January 21, 2017

World of Tanks invite codes 2017 + 3 Premium tanks + Gold + Premium Account


Churchill III + 500 Gold + 7 Days Premium Account


Tetrarch + 500 Gold + 7 Days Premium Account


T-127 + 500 gold + 7 Days Premium Account

World of Tanks EU Christmas bonus code

December 26, 2016

The Bonus Code


Only personal reserve XP boosts.

Excelsior Tier 5 premium tank

September 7, 2016

Invite Bonus Code


Region: EU

+ Excelsior Tier 5 premium tank
+ 7 days premium
+ 1000 gold (that's another tier 5 premium)

Giveaway During Tournament Livestream

June 3, 2016

Here are the prizes for the viewers:

+ 400,000 credits and 7 premium days (5 bonus codes)
+ Premium Tier 5 HT Excelsior (1 code)
+ Premium Tier 5 HT Churchill III (1 code)
+ Premium Tier 8 LT M41 90 GF (1 bonus code as well). This is one is a really special vehicle.

The organization throws a tournament due to the anniversary, so everyone with a decent skill can win gold. But the prizes will get not only the participants, the viewers will also be rewarded! The livestream will be held on the 18th of June. The exact time hasn't been announced yet.

WoT Free Gold and Premium Anniversary Giveaway

June 2, 2016

In order to celebrate the first anniversary of TWB-Gaming, the team decided to throw a giveaway with awesome rewards.

+ 1000 gold and 7 days of premium time (5 bonus codes)
+ Premium Tier 5 HT Excelsior (5 codes as well)
+ Premium Tier 5 HT Churchill III (5 codes again)

In total, 15 rewards for 15 players.

How to Participate
  1. Like TWB-Gaming FB page.
  2. Like WGLEU Unofficial FB page.
  3. Like and share this FB post about the giveaway.
  4. Tag at least one your FB friend in comments below the same FB post about the giveaway. In case you don't know how to do this, you have to type the at symbol (which is @) in your comment and the Facebook will create a small popup window where you will be able to choose one of your friends. Simply click on the name and the person will be tagged.
  5. Subscribe to TWB-Gaming YouTube channel.
Announcement of Results

The winners will be picked on the 13th of June, 17:00 CEST during a livestream on TWB Twitch Channel. The list will also be published on TWB-Gaming Twitter and their Facebook Page.

Official Giveaway from WG NA and EU

June 1, 2016

World of Tanks on PC. Use Promo Code


to receive XP and Crew XP booster (500.000 redemptions available)

World of Tanks: Console June 10: x3 first win XP bonus

World of Tanks Blitz June 3 - 7: first win bonus. June 10 - 13: 20% Discount on all provisions

Free Gold Giveaway Continues

March 25, 2016

Make Your Calendar Work for You Until April 1!

Gold 10,000 XP Bonus (Earn 10,000 XP over any number of battles.)
Gold 35,000 XP Bonus (Earn 35,000 XP over any number of battles.)

The generous offer is still valid! Every day you get 5 Gold just for logging in. Premium accounts receive another 5 for their status. Besides that, you can earn Free Gold participating in battles. Acquire the bonus for getting 10K XP and 35K XP. The rewards for experience are given only once per day.

10,000 In Gold And a Premium Tank Giveaway

May 23, 2016

Our friends over at The Wild Bunch are giving away a bunch of gold and a bonus code containing the tier 3 T-127 tank and a bunch of extras. 10,000 In Gold And a Premium Tank Giveaway From The Wild Bunch.
The prizes are as follows:

+ 1x T-127 premium tank, garage slot, 300 gold and 3 days of free premium
+ 1x 2500 gold
+ 5x 1000 gold
+ 5x 500 gold

To participate you have to complete a couple of social actions. The giveaway is limited to EU server.

2 Days of Premium

May 6, 2016

While it is still possible to get 3 days of premium due to WoWs special, WG made another generous gesture offering us to get 2 days of premium without tangible efforts in the course of WoWP promotion. Actually, this one is even better because you can split the time in two days.

First Day of Premium:
  1. Download World of Warplanes on the official website. Do not forget to switch to you region.
  2. Log into your account during the special offer (May 6-10).
  3. Get one day of premium time.
Second Day of Premium:
  1. Kill 20 enemy warplanes.
  2. Get another day of premium time.
  • You will have premium acc in all WG games including World of Tanks.
  • Works for all regions.
  • The game will take 16 GB on your drive in SD version and 40 GB in HD version.
Good luck and have a nice premium time.

5th Anniversary WoT Bonus Codes

April 12, 2016

The broadcast is scheduled to start at 16:00 PT and will be on-air for 4 hours. That will be 23:00-03:00 UTC in case you play on NA servers but not a resident of the Northern America. I will post the direct link to the stream right before they begin.
Wargaming Department has announced that there will be a giveaway of physical and in-game prizes including E-25 during the event. I still cannot find any information about winners of WG League Uber and Team Vote Giveaway, wonder if they are going to publish them. If you participated in Razer Raffle – here is the list of the results. The results of the Grand Raffle will be announced on April 30.

Region: EU, NA, ASIA.


1 Day of Premium & Large Repair Kit

GF 2016 Bonus Codes by Razer

April 9, 2016

What to do:
  1. Go to RazerZone page dedicated to GF 2016.

There you will be asked to:

  1. Create and verify Razer ID;
  2. Verify WoT account (Click WoT icon in "View Profile" menu).
  3. Login on RazerZone page dedicated to GF 2016 and redeem your code.
What you get:

1x Bonus Code:
  • 1 Day of Premium & Large Repair Kit
2x Invite Codes:
  • T15 - German Premium Light tank
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 500 Gold
  • 3 Days of Premium
*subjected to the first 50k users

WGLEU Type 59 Giveaway

April 1, 2016

WGLEU is running a raffle to giveaway:

+ 3x Type 59
+ 3x WGL AMX
+ 700x 1000 gold

To enter, you need to join here (or on the More Info link below) and post a comment on your Facebook profile with the link to the event, by using the unlock button. You can delete the post immediately. Then you will get a link by which you can refer your friends and get multiple entries to the raffle.

20 x 1000 Gold and 6 Premium Vehicles Giveaway

January 26, 2016

Our friends at TWB gaming have teamed up with DiNG again, to have another big giveaway happening. This time they’re giving out
  • 20x 1000 Gold and 7 days of premium,
  • 3x Tier 6 Premium vehicle,
  • 3x Tier 7 Premium vehicle
and if DiNG gets their followers up to 2350 from the current 1750 anothe
  • 2x Tier 6 Premium vehicle,
  • 2x Tier 7 Premium vehicle
  • will be given away on January 31st.

World of Tanks and World of Warships new account bonus code

January 2, 2016

The bonus code is


On Wot
  • Tier 5 heavy tank Excelsior
  • 7 premium days
  • 500 gold
On WoWs
  • Tier 2 Diana
  • Tier 2 Tachibana

Hidden code from the Advent Calendar (EU)

December 24, 2015

The hidden code from the Advent Calendar everyone was hyped about, brings you 24 chocolates!


The code you can input on your account
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