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Mod enemies direction indicator WOT

Versija: 9.17 Dydis: 46.8 Kb Licencija: spoter Įvertinimas: 0
This mod is also commonly known as Surround. Very useful modifications that you will always be able to hedge.

Friends! Today we offer a modification that will like many people. Mod will informe about distance to the nearest enemy and taking aim at you. All this information is provided by mod in the form of colored arrows. About enemy’s direction you will be inform by green arrow. This means there is no danger and enemy will not be able to aim in you.

If the arrow will change its color to red – be careful: the enemy is close (on the arrow will display the distance in meters). But the most dangerous is the purple color. But the most dangerous is purple arrow. It means only one thing: you must immediately run, the enemy saw you and has aims. Agree this information will be very impotant during the battle. The author is spoter

For your convenience, author proposes not only basic version but also simplified. You will not get 3 versions of arrows byt only one, the most important. Only purple arrow will appear on your screen and inform you of the impending danger. Also arrow will show the direction of the enemy’s position.


Copy folder res_mods in the folder with the game, confirming the replacement
Patalpinta: 2017.01.22 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 274 Download | Siųstis
Keltync · 11 Birželio 2019 14:04

Oh baby
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