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T26E5 Freedom Fighters HD Reskin

Versija: Dydis: 27.8 Mb Licencija: Classic Milkym4n Įvertinimas: 0
Short what-if (not historical) backstory: America decided to rush the T26E5 into combat, and wasted no time sending one of the existing prototypes (T26E5 ID#30150824) into battle. Several months (or years, who knows) later - this is the result.

Well, there you have it. I took one of the historical T26E5 prototypes and added some of my own hat-if ideas to the vehicle! It features some historical markings from this prototype, as well as my own insignia & inscriptions (and a few features from WGs original T26E5 Patriot, just toned down a whole bunch).

​Like the previous two skins, I included an edited camouflage for the standard version of the vehicle so the insignia/inscriptions/identification numbers/etc. arent covered up by camo paint.

Massive credit (and thanks) to Milkym4n for his cloth gun mantlet cover, which is included in the skin! It adds so much to the vehicles overall appearance despite being such a small detail, so I had to include it. (Permission obtained from him first, of course.)

Reskin for the T26E5
Model with extra details on the hull included on standard T26E5 (originally only shown on the Patriot)
Custom gun mantlet model with cloth cover by Milkym4n
Standard T26E5 includes custom camouflage mask (so you can apply camo paint and still see the skin's insignia through it)​
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