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Hello everybody and have a nice day

teenWin 2019.04.15 12:11
Tankistai maladec

teenWin 2019.04.15 02:42

Adultas7 2019.04.09 00:14
gerai viskas

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Siuntiniai » Session Statistics » Session Statistics and Battle Result Messages
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Session Statistics and Battle Result Messages

Versija: 9.20 Dydis: 47.9 Mb Licencija: ShuraBB Įvertinimas: 0
Mod is able to collect and display in the system channel the following statistics:

Loan statistics
Statistics of experience
Damage statistics
Statistics of expenses
Statistics of bonuses from reserves
Statistics of penalties
Statistics of time
Combat effectiveness statistics
Combat effectiveness ratings (WGR, EFF, BS, WN6, WN7, WN8, WN8KTTC, BR)
Detailed statistics of the last battle
Account statistics at the beginning of the session
The impact of the current session on the account

Also mod has a number of the following features:

Unlimited number of custom statistics sessions with the same set of macros
Each session includes: general statistics, statistics on tanks, statistics on maps
Setting the types of battles whose statistics will fall into one or another session
Customizable output of data based on macros and templates with support for internal and external icons
Output data to several freely configurable pages
Customizable view of buttons for information management
Call the detailed results of the last battle from the statistics window
Update information without closing the Notification Center (for alternative buttons)
Adjustment of the bookmark of the MC in which game statistics will be displayed
Customizable output of the results of the previous battle in combat chat
Specify an arbitrary path to the statistics file
Automatic zeroing statistics at a specified time
Zero statistics on the button
Automatic config reload to customize the output of the results
Automatic download of the national config (if available)
Adjust the type of buttons used
Setting the speed of scrolling messages in the system channel
Setting the output of PopUp results of combat in the hangar
Adjusting the output of combat results in the system channel
Adjusting the output of combat results in combat chat
Support for a multi-file configuration file
Automatic control of the version of the statistics file
Logging the mode with 3 levels of detail

Installation Instructions

Run the installer mod
Choose a folder with the game
Choose your favorite skin
Install skin
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teenWin · 15 Balandžio 2019 08:58

Geras Mod
teenWin · 15 Balandžio 2019 09:33

Geras Mod
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