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Damage Announcer

Versija: 9.15.2 Dydis: 1.23 Mb Licencija: Ekspoint Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
This mod will display damage inflicted you and damage you inflicted. You will know all important information about ricochet, damage or penetration.
Patalpinta: 2016.09.20 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 252 Toliau...

Damage Panel

Versija: 9.15.2 Dydis: 5 Mb Licencija: anonymous Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Damage Panel World of Tanks
Patalpinta: 2016.09.16 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 228 Toliau...

Damage Panel GambitER DamageLog

Versija: Dydis: 1.8 Mb Licencija: Andre_V GambitER Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Standard damage panel with damage log from Andre_V and GambitER for WOT
Patalpinta: 2017.08.21 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 137 Toliau...

Damage Panel GambitER DamageLog

Versija: 9.20 Dydis: 1.9 Mb Licencija: Andre_V GambitER Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Standard damage panel with damage log from Andre_V and GambitER for WOT 9.20
Patalpinta: 2017.08.31 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 141 Toliau...

Damage panel Harpoon

Versija: 9.15.1 Dydis: 3 Mb Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Harpoon - it is modification, that must have everyone. Earlier to use this panel was necessary to establish a comprehensive battle Harpoon interface with various modifications inside. But now you can use only one panel.
Patalpinta: 2016.08.07 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 257 Toliau...

Damage panel Harpoon for WOT

Versija: Dydis: 1.2 Mb Licencija: lenya69 Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Your attention is presented to a completely new and otherwise unlike panel of damages Harpoon for WOT. Now its very difficult to do something new for tanks. After all, the mods are already simply bulk, especially when it comes to damage panels. Therefore, such developments are all gold.
Patalpinta: 2017.07.26 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 160 Toliau...

Damage panel Techno for WOT

Versija: Dydis: 7.2 Mb Licencija: Helpics Andre_V Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Today we want to please you with a beautiful panel of damages Techno for World of Tanks. When designing this panel, the author has saved pictures of the modules you are familiar with, and the icons of the crew also remained unchanged. The panel itself underwent alteration, it was slightly reduced in height and slightly lengthened, which gave it its own unique style. Completely redesigned speedometer and health scale of your tank, they now look very stylish and cool.
Patalpinta: 2017.07.26 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 177 Toliau...

Damage Panel with Repair Rose without XVM for WoT

Versija: Dydis: 1 Mb Licencija: SkepticalFox Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
New super mod Damage Panel with Rose repair bech XVM for World of Tanks.
Patalpinta: 2017.07.31 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 155 Toliau...

Fully transparent damage panel

Versija: 9.15.2 Dydis: 563 Kb Licencija: GambitER MICROB Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
This modification has many advantages. First, to find out the results of the battle the player need to wait for the end of the battle, and then study the all mistakes after battle statistics and omissions which took place in battle.
Patalpinta: 2016.09.29 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 224 Toliau...

Glass Damage Panel

Versija: 9.16 Dydis: 338 Kb Licencija: Hawg Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Hawgs Glass Damage Panel changes the stock damage panel to a clean clear panel that looks like its made out of glass. This will give you less distractions and more vision of the battle field.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.25 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 229 Toliau...

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