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Stevawaich 2019.09.30 15:14
Hello everybody and have a nice day

teenWin 2019.04.15 12:11
Tankistai maladec

teenWin 2019.04.15 02:42

Adultas7 2019.04.09 00:14
gerai viskas

Nemokamas 2019.04.09 00:12
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3D Tank Icons with Emblems v2.1

Versija: 9.20 Dydis: 22.5 Mb Licencija: Black_Spy npanopBBC RaSeven Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Amazing 3D Tank Icons with Emblems v2.1
Patalpinta: 2017.08.30 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 177 Toliau...

3D Tank Icons with Emblems v4.15

Versija: 9.16 Dydis: 11 Mb Licencija: Black_Spy npanopBBC RaSeven Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
3D icons tanks for World of Tanks.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.09 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 266 Toliau...

Ammo Equipment Crew Icons

Versija: Dydis: 75 Mb Licencija: Arasgrandpa Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Developed a new icon for ammo, equipment, consumables, crew, and ranks for the World of Tanks
Patalpinta: 2016.09.04 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 260 Toliau...

Aslain Gold Premium Tanks

Versija: 9.15.2 Dydis: 12.5 Mb Licencija: Aslain Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
This mod is changing garage icons of premium vehicles into a gold color.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.02 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 226 Toliau...

Contour Icons

Versija: 9.15.2 Dydis: 4.4 Mb Licencija: corecroft27 Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Colored Contour Icons, colored by class and with marker for premium special Tanks.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.03 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 212 Toliau...

Contour icons with marking of Premium Tanks

Versija: Dydis: 2.5 Mb Licencija: Taxman21 Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
There are many contour icons in the forum, some are very overloaded.
For all of you who prefer the simple contour icons I offer here my pack.
This is based on J1mB0 Contour Icons as they are clear and informative enough.
Patalpinta: 2017.07.30 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 163 Toliau...

Crew Role Icons

Versija: Dydis: 80 Kb Licencija: Fett713 Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Crew Role Icons
Patalpinta: 2017.08.29 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 139 Toliau...

Female Crew Icons

Versija: Dydis: 11 Mb Licencija: anonymous Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
If you are tired of mens faces in the hangar, its time to change something. For example, you can download and install a mod - Womens Crew icons.
Patalpinta: 2016.09.04 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 253 Toliau...

Flag Emblems

Versija: 9.16 Dydis: 83.7 Kb Licencija: Hawg Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
This mod changes the stock markers on tanks that show what nation they are from, both in garage and in battle. This will help you to determine which country the tank is from. It will put a flag icon on the tank where stock emblem marker was. This mod will not cover up your own gold stickers.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.25 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 228 Toliau...

Hawg Battle Loading Flags

Versija: 9.16 Dydis: 1.6 Mb Licencija: Hawg Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Hawgs Battle Loading Flags,This mod will replace the stock or any other contour icon Just on battle loading,with real flags of nation of each tank.This mods only works in battle loading. So you can keep your favorite In game contour icons. Easy to install.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.16 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 357 Toliau...

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