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Elkano Minimap Ping Spam Blocker

Versija: 9.14 Dydis: 4.3 Kb Licencija: Elkano Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
This modification will block minimap ping spam by enforcing certain restrictions.
Patalpinta: 2016.04.09 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 236 Toliau...

Enhanced HD Minimaps

Versija: Dydis: 31.8 Mb Licencija: Locastan Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Enhanced HD Minimaps for World of Tanks
Patalpinta: 2016.10.01 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 237 Toliau...

Hawg Arty MiniMap Aim

Versija: 9.15.2 Dydis: 65 Kb Licencija: Hawg Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
This mod will give you the upper hand. When you are in a arty the stock minimap has been changed by adding a crosshair that points at what your pointing at. Most good arty players use the minimap as a major tool in battle. This mod will allow you to pinpoint your target faster while the crosshairs are moving across the map.This advantage will make the difference... This mod is a must for all arty players. Works with XVM only. 6 crosshairs to pick from. Easy to install. Works great with any 4HOTA XVM, or others .
Patalpinta: 2016.09.21 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 298 Toliau...

Hawg Minimap

Versija: 9.20 Dydis: 477 Kb Licencija: Hawg Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
We bring to your attention an enhanced mini-map for the World of Tank by Hawg. We all know that the minimap is an uninhabited part of the gameplay of the game. Therefore, here everything should be precise and clear. The creator of the mod added many useful elements that improve the gameplay of minimap.
Patalpinta: 2017.08.30 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 162 Toliau...

Hawg Tactical SPG-TD MiniMaps Combo

Versija: Dydis: 6.2 Mb Licencija: Hawg Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Hawg Spg & TD Tactical Minimap. Some of the top WOT Clans DONT want you to see or have this .Most good players use the minimap as a major tool in battle. So I took from these web sites Maps Tactics & Guru maps and other Discrete web sites. They show the best place to set up in Arty & Td. I mark the spots on the minimap where Arty & Td is Most Likely to set up. It shows the best strategic place for arty & td to set up, This mod will show In Battle, So you dont have to try to remember where to go. You can use this for Counter Battery or You can set up your Arty or TD in these spots. The arty icons are not to bold, just enough to see them on the minimap. This mod is great for Clan Wars ! Easy to install.
Patalpinta: 2017.07.25 Komentarai: 2 Siuntėsi: 230 Toliau...

Mini map flags by 4hota

Versija: 9.14.1 Dydis: 65.9 Mb Licencija: 4hota Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Mini map flags. Use these as a different twist on the generic "green" and "red" flags used on the basic mini map.
Patalpinta: 2016.04.09 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 218 Toliau...

Minimap Directions

Versija: 9.16 Dydis: 6 Kb Licencija: Krzysztof_Chodak Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
MINIMAP DIRECTIONS - shows the direction of enemy armor cannons on the minimap (original by uragan)
Patalpinta: 2016.10.10 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 320 Toliau...

Minimap spots rating

Versija: Dydis: 104 Kb Licencija: anonymous Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Minimap spots rating mod – shows the good and bad positions for your tank on the minimap.
Patalpinta: 2016.08.09 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 258 Toliau...
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