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Favorite Voices and Sounds Mod

Versija: 9.16 Dydis: 8.5 Mb Licencija: Grandpa Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
About Grandpa's Favorite Voices and Sounds Mod. This is my original audio mod with various voices from: Duke Nukem, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, Minnions, and some female voices. Plus gun reloaded notification.Multiple sixth sense sound options.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.25 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 229 Toliau...

Gnomefather Zorgane Historical Realism Gun Sounds Mod

Versija: Dydis: 69 Mb Licencija: Zorgane Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Since the version 0.9.14, I were really sad about the disparition of my favorite mod in this game, so in 2016, I have decided to make my own version of gnomefather mod. Unlike others versions already available, I have tried to be really close of the original version with some improvements thanks to the new sound engine.
Patalpinta: 2018.08.23 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 70 Toliau...

Mod sixth sense sounds of Morse code

Versija: Dydis: 1 Mb Licencija: RDM1978 Ekspoint Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Mod sixth sense visually warns the player about glare and danger in future. Standard picture of mod sixth sense is a burning lamp. In this version you will find not only a warning image but a voice mod which will be triggered after 8 and 12 seconds.
Patalpinta: 2016.09.04 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 271 Toliau...

Music from Nintendo and Sega games for WOT

Versija: 9.15.2 Dydis: 528 Mb Licencija: anonymous Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Today we present not usual voice mod with a set of phrases and commands but music mod with interesting selected music, popular in the 2000s, Nintendo and Sega games. You will not hear a modern arrangement, funny phrases, strict commands but exactlya you will feel a sense of nostalgia.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.01 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 245 Toliau...

Sound mod Modern Talking

Versija: Dydis: 96 Mb Licencija: Andre_V Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
The assembly includes 15 most famous and popular songs, which you can listen in a hangar when choice of a suitable tank.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.01 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 253 Toliau...

Sounds instead of crew voices

Versija: 9.15.2 Dydis: 92 Kb Licencija: anonymous Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
No mater how great crew voices mod you install, you will get bored of them after several battles. Not mentioning original ones.
Patalpinta: 2016.10.03 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 260 Toliau...

The Belarusian voice

Versija: 9.16 Dydis: 2 Mb Licencija: Shurix_Noise Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Friends! As you well know World of Tanks was developed by Belarusian company Wargaming. But in fact the native Belarusian voice almost can not find nowhere on the Internet. If you have been wondering how your tanks sounded in the original we offer to use this mod. Only the most important and frequently used phrases and commands will be heard. The author of this mod is the player under the nickname Shurix_Noise. In the video you can find the voice acting.
Patalpinta: 2016.11.21 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 231 Toliau...

The Polish voice

Versija: 9.16 Dydis: 7 Mb Licencija: WG Andre_V Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Commanders! We offer a 100% Polish voice with standard phrases and commands. As a purely Polish voice was hard to find then an author downloaded client and just pulled it out. Unfortunately boasts a large selection of phrases and commands mod can not. Only the most necessary and standard phrases, but entirely in Polish and not annoying.
Patalpinta: 2016.11.21 Komentarai: 1 Siuntėsi: 286 Toliau...

Untergang Downfall Donald Duck der Nazi Voicemod

Versija: Dydis: 31.4 Mb Licencija: Ehelefant Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Enjoy listening to Hitlers raging as you play WoT ! The file contains two voicebanks. One with Downfall parody sound only and one with Downfall + Der Fuehrers Face content for those who know this Donald Duck Cartoon.
Patalpinta: 2016.09.15 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 234 Toliau...

Voice mod First Blood

Versija: Dydis: 12 Mb Licencija: anonymous Įvertinimas: 0 / 5
Comfortable and functional voice mod First Blood from Dota and Unreal Tournament.
It is not only mod with voice phrases from the games you know: Unreal Tournament and Dota, but also mod will alert you on the 1, 3 and 5 minutes, as well as in the last 5 seconds.
Patalpinta: 2016.09.04 Komentarai: 0 Siuntėsi: 215 Toliau...
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