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Tedcrype 2020.03.08 15:54
I play on Frontline now

Yoncrype 2020.03.07 02:16
I like AMX 50 B

Tedcrype 2020.03.05 07:33
You are good

Yoncrype 2020.03.03 12:26
Weak tank all can penetrate easy

Tedcrype 2020.03.01 08:34
How about E100

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What genre does World of Tanks belong to?

World of Tanks is a huge mixture of multiple genres. First and foremost it is a global-scale MMO action game. However, it also includes a combination of other genres such as FPS, RTS, RPG and simulator gameplay.

What are the system requirements?

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.
Processor (CPU): 2.2 GHz supporting SSE2
Memory (RAM): 1.5 GB for Windows XP, 2 GB for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.
Video Card: GeForce 6800 / ATI HD X2400 XT with 256 MB RAM, DirectX 9.0c.
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Hard Drive Space: 16 GB.
Internet Connection Speed: 256 Kbps.

Recommended System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 – 64-bit.
Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5-3330.
Memory (RAM): 4 GB (or more).
Video Card: GeForce GTX660 (2GB) / Radeon HD 7850 2GB, DirectX 9.0c.
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Hard Drive Space: 30 GB.
Internet Connection Speed: 1024 Kbps or higher (for voice chat).

What operating systems does the game support?

World of Tanks is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

How can I download and update the game?

Visit the download page and click on the big red button to download the most recent version of the game client. Once you have downloaded the client, simply update it by running the launcher (WOTLauncher.exe). If there are new updates available, they will be downloaded and installed automatically.

If you do not have the game client installed, you can download the latest version using the below links: Your client may also be updated automatically via torrent RSS, by adding the World of Tanks RSS feed into your torrent client. To do so, perform the following steps:
  1. Download and install any torrent client that supports the automatic downloading of torrents via RSS feed (we recommend using µtorrent).
  2. Set up an automatic update download via torrent RSS in the “Updates” folder of the game client (µtorrent RSS tutorial). Update the EU World of Tanks client by using this link.
If you encounter any difficulties when updating the game client through the launcher, we recommend using this alternative method to install the update:
  1. Download the file containing the update to the new Version directly or via Torrent.
  2. Move the downloaded file to the folder called Updates, which is located in the root directory of the game (for example: D: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks \ Updates).
  3. Run the launcher (WOTLauncher.exe) and wait for the update to be applied to the game client.
  • Patch file for the latest version (Version 9.16) (852 Mb)
  • Internet Installer
  • Torrent file for new version
Common size of updates downloaded by launcher (SD version) - 1.36 GB

Common size of updates downloaded by launcher (HD version) - 1.84 GB

md5 c09639ea9b3dbb378fe1797684240b56


What is the total number of tanks so far? Will it increase or remain the same?

Currently, World of Tanks features more than 300 vehicles from America, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Czechoslovakia and the USSR.

What types of armoured vehicles are presented in the game?

World of Tanks features armoured vehicles from America, Germany, France and the Soviet Union that were designed and produced during the period between the early 1930’s and up to the Korean war (1950). Gamers can choose from light, medium, and heavy tanks as well as tank destroyers and long-range self-propelled guns (SPGs). As well as real tanks that saw service in battle, the game includes prototype vehicles, such as the German E Series tanks and most of the French tanks.

What role will tank destroyers and long-range howitzers play in the game?

Just like in real battles of World War II, the contribution these unit types make is invaluable. Tank destroyers are perfect defensive units. Their powerful guns allow them the engage enemy vehicles from relatively long distances. Some of the tank destroyers, like the T95, have an extremely thick frontal armour. Most tank destroyers, even if they have a thick frontal armour, completely lack side and rear armour and many of them suffer from low mobility. If a more nimble opponent makes it into a close combat, things can get really tough for a tank destroyer.

The role of self-propelled guns is slightly different. They are designed to work co-operatively with light tanks that scout the map and unveil enemy vehicles for them, as well as support medium and heavy tanks in hard engagements. Very often it can be the SPG support fire from far away that can tip the balance of a battle. Their extremely powerful cannons may cause a one-shot lethal outcome for any opponent or soften others up for mobile tanks to finish off. SPGs are the most vulnerable vehicle class in World of Tanks, they can easily be killed with several or even just a single shot from an enemy tank and an enemy SPG shot is practically always fatal. The low hit point pool of SPGs makes them the easiest target if they become visible to the enemy, so they need to stay hidden to perform their support role properly.

What is the main purpose of light tanks?

Light tanks are indispensable as scouting units and can easily find and engage enemy long-range artillery units. Their high mobility allows light tanks to reveal hostile units on the battlefield and transfer their coordinates to teammates and friendly SPG’s. In addition, they are the most effective in close battles against rival light tanks or SPG’s.


How realistic is WoT?

The game keeps the balance between realism and gameplay. World of Tanks is not a hardcore simulator; gamers won’t have to spend their time on getting used to controls. The game’s difficulty rests upon applying your tactical skills and coordinating moves with your teammates.

Does the behaviour of game models correspond with the behaviour of tanks in real life?

The in-game tank models are nearly identical to their real-life prototypes, and this refers to all game aspects. The firing rate for in-game tanks most often equals the firing rate of real tanks in training-ground conditions. When firing in motion, scattering appears, and the faster you go, the bigger your scattering is. The number of shells and positioning of modules are identical to the real vehicles, unless it had to be altered for game balancing purposes. The same goes for all other specifications, dynamics and turret turning speed.

How long does an average battle last?

An average battle usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. If at the end of 15 minutes there are tanks of both teams on the battlefield and neither of the bases has been captured, a draw is declared. A draw can also occur when both teams manage to capture their enemy bases at the same time.

The only exception from the above rule are games in the assault mode. An assault match takes up to 10 minutes and in case of a timeout, the defending team wins.

Do newbies get a chance to practice their skills in single-battle missions (i.e. is there any practice mode)? Do this mode be available offline?

Newbies get a chance to level up their skills and prepare for real battles during training. The game features special areas with tanks from Tier 1 and Tier 2 allowed. This helps newcomers get used to gameplay and dynamics.. All the training modes take place online, all tanks that are on your team, as well as the enemy team, are driven by real players.

And if you want to start a real battle, the in-game matchmaker balances the game so that first tiers do not meet opponents of the higher tiers, unless they are in platoons with higher Tier vehicles, join tank companies or training battles. Since during the low Tier battles it is virtually impossible to lose credits and after every battle you gain experience, which allows you to slowly progress in the tech trees.

What camera mode does the game feature? What are the controls?

The main camera mode is a third person view with six scales of zoom from your tank and the option to freely rotate the camera around the vehicle. The game also features a three scale sniper mode for tanks and a “strategic view” (also called the “bird view” or “howitzer view”) mode for long-range artillery. Moving your tank is implemented by standard WSAD+Mouse controls. There’s also a “cruise control” mode for going forward and backward on various speeds which can be engaged by R and F buttons.

Does World of Tanks support auto-aiming?

The game features auto-aiming, which allows shooting at a hostile unit with lead-finding. To turn on auto-aiming, move your sight on a hostile unit and click the right mouse button. The auto-aim function will automatically deactivate when the target is destroyed or becomes hidden, however, it can also be deactivated manually.

What is camouflage and how do camouflage patterns available as exterior appearance influence it?

Camouflage has been implemented in the game. There is a statistic which defines how close you should get to an opposing tank in order to detect it. Bushes and trees are the most efficient elements to hide in. But if a hiding tank starts moving or shooting, its silhouette becomes visible.

Applying a camouflage pattern to your tank (purchased with Gold or Credits) will slightly increase its camouflage value.

Will off-map artillery support be included in World of Tanks? How will this be controlled?

We are planning to include off-map artillery support, but its usage will be limited to one strike per fight and only during clan battles. The battle map is divided into many squares, and a clan leader can call for an artillery strike on a specified square once during a battle. However, this will require spending a certain amount of resources.

Are battles fought by one-nation teams?

Before each battle, the game will randomly divide players into two teams according to the level and the development stage of their vehicles in an attempt to make both teams equal in overall power. This means that a team may include tanks from all different nations. The balancing system is often referred to as the Match Maker (MM) and is create to ensure equal chance of both teams during random battles.

Are there any machine guns in the game?

Tanks have machine guns installed on them, but as long as there is no infantry, there’s no need to use them in battles, because even the most powerful machine gun is not capable of penetrating the armour of a tank.

What types of ammo are available?

Depending on a type of gun being used, players can use the following kinds of shells: armour-Piercing (AP), AP Composite-Rigid (APCR), High Explosive (HE) and Highly-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) .

What about ramming attacks?

Ramming attacks are a viable tactic in World of Tanks gameplay. The consequences of a ramming attack will depend on the tank masses, their speed, and which section of the rammed vehicle gets hit. A common scenario is ramming a heavy tank into a light one — the latter won’t stand a chance. There is strategy involved. For instance, if you hit your opponent’s tracks, you can immobilize the enemy for some time and thus make it an easy target for your teammates. Be warned that both tanks can be damaged by ramming, especially if you ram into a heavier enemy. By successfully ramming and killing a higher Tier enemy you can be awarded the Kamikaze achievement. Ramming damage can also be influenced by the drivers “Controlled Impact” skill.

Can I switch to a “free camera” mode after my tank has been destroyed?

There is a “following camera” mode where you can track your teammates' tanks that are still in battle.


Are there any breakable elements on battlefields? How can destroying such elements influence the course of a battle?

There are lots of breakable elements. The high level of destruction will result in both positive and negative outcomes for everyone on the battlefield. You can “perforate” a wall of a building you’re standing behind and use it as a firing port to shoot down your opponents. On the other hand, the building you are hiding behind may suddenly become unexpectedly vulnerable and could even collapse after a couple of enemy rounds. All trees visible on the battlefield are breakable, but be warned, destroying buildings and trees can result in an enemy noticing your presence even though you have not been detected.

Is there a plan to adopt different seasons, times of day or weather conditions?

Currently you have maps located in different regions of the globe (Europe, Africa, Asia and even North America), in different settings (cities, plains, hills or even mountains) and at various times of the day. You can also find maps covered in snow as well as ones resembling a warm summer, spring or fall. All maps have their pre-defined weather conditions and we do not plan to add dynamic weather at this time.

You’ve got maps that are named exactly like the points of historic battles. Are these maps identical to those areas?

It is very hard to keep a virtual map identical to its prototype. One of the most important issues is keeping the fighting balance which was totally impossible if you’r recreating real battlefields.. As such, our historic maps are not completely identical to real geographic locations, but they are designed very similar to the originals with extensive usage of their photos and landscape schemes thanks to which the mood of the maps is very similar to the mood of the historical locations.


What is a tank tree?

All the armoured vehicles in World of Tanks are divided into American, German, French, Soviet, British, Chinese and Japanese vehicles. Within each nation, tanks are organised in a development tree. In order to get a desired vehicle, players will progress up those development trees.

How do you upgrade your tank? What development stage should you reach to get access to a tank of the next level? Can you switch to a parallel development branch if considering a chosen one wrong?

All the upgrades are available according to the development trees. You start with the lightest and cheapest tank from a nation and by earning experience points you can further upgrade your vehicle by installing better modules. This is where a historical element comes into play; once you’ve researched a module that was also used on a different tank, that module will become available on that tank. If while upgrading your vehicle you decide that you’ve chosen the wrong development branch, you can switch to another one by jumping several levels back to the branches intersection, or by choosing another nation completely.

What are tank crews and what are their skills?

Tank crews consists of several members. The crew can be trained in their main qualification (between 50 and 100%) and additional skills and perks. The entire crew training system has been described in detail in the guide.

Can I keep more than one vehicle in my garage?

Players’ basic personal garage can store up to five vehicles at once regardless of their country of origin. I.e. you can simultaneously keep American, German, French and Soviet vehicles in your garage and use them at any time. After that, you can buy additional garage slots in order to expand your fleet of tanks. Alternatively, you can sell vehicles that you no longer require and free up garage space.


How does the payment system work in World of Tanks?

In World of Tanks, players have credits which they gain by taking part in battles and eliminating their enemies. As well as credits, there is gold that every player can purchase for real money. Spending gold can increase your game performance by buying gold consumables (such as Cases of Cola or Large Repair Kits) and gives you access to buying premium tanks (such as the Löwe), which cannot be bought using credits. Some of the premium vehicles are available in the Premium Shop for direct purchase using real money. Possessing gold will result in some bonuses but will neither affect the gameplay for non-paying players nor will it give paying players any decisive advantage in battles.

Does a losing team get credits after a battle?

A losing team gets credits after a battle but the total sum is less than if the team won.

Clan Wars

Are there any clans in the game?

A player can create a clan with up to 100 members as long as they have a certain amount of gold at their disposal.

What types of clan battles does the game include?

The game currently cosists of several game modes. The main game mode is Random Battles. They are the most commonly played battles that you can join either alone or in a platoon of up to 3 people.

Random battles can be played in three different types: standard battle, assault or encounter. Each battle type has its own specific rules. The types are described in detail in the Newcomers Guide.

Apart from Random Battles there are also company battles, during which two organised teams face each other on random maps, and Team Battles, during which pre-organised teams of up to 7 players confront each other under specific conditions (such as a Tier point limit). The training battle mode allows players to battle each other without having to spend credits on repair of the vehicles. Be warned though, the consumables used and shells fired during training battles are not reimbursed - you will have to pay their full value if they are used. The last battle type is special battles, which are reserved for pre-arranged battles such as Clan Wars battles.

How are the Clan Wars arranged?

In Clan Wars, there is a global map divided into many provinces. To start their activity on the map, every clan has to capture one of landing provinces. If a province is not occupied by others, the clan will get it without a fight, whilst an occupied province will have to be fought for. Details regarding Clan Wars can be found in several further pages of the guide.

Will captured provinces provide clans with resources?

Each province generates a certain amount of gold to the owner of the province for each they they are holding it. The amount of gold generated by a province does not change, thus strong clans tend to fight for the richest provinces, while the less rich provinces are left for clans without as much skill, members or dedication to be able to conquer and hold them.

How will clans arrange battles?

Every clan has a certain amount of “chips” equal to the number of its members. By putting a chip on a chosen province, a clan displays its intention to capture it. If another clan wishes to capture the same province or if the province belongs to another clan, the two clans will engage in a battle for it. Clan Masters can declare attacks on neutral or enemy provinces once per day, and a corresponding number of battles are scheduled and take place accordingly.