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How to Play: T-44-100


Today we bring you a handy gameplay guide for the T-44-100 the new Soviet Tier VIII Premium tank that you can obtain either by completing the dedicated Mission Marathon or by purchasing it in the Premium Shop. If you like the general playstyle of Soviet mediums, you will feel right at home with this one.

General Info



Additional Equipment

  • Mobility: The tank stands out with its high mobility. It is a manoeuvrable vehicle that  has good acceleration and maintains its maximum speed well.
  • Good view range: A view range of 380 metres makes it possible to spot opponents first. Having a good view range is especially important for a mobile tank that combines the functions of a raider and an assault tank.
  • Good aim: With an aiming time of just 2.2 seconds, this is the best value among Tier VIII Medium tanks.
  • Anti-HEAT side screen: The side armour of the T-44-100 is strengthened with 6 mm thick anti-HEAT screens.
  • Bonus perk Brothers is Arms: By default, the tank has a crew with 100% Major Qualifications and the Brothers in Arms perk. This perk is considered a bonus, which means that it cannot be reskilled, and it also does not affect the XP amount needed to unlock further skills/ perks. This means that the next perk will be trained as fast as if it was the crew's very first one.
  • Exclusive camouflage: The tank comes with three types of unique camouflage patterns, a special emblem of the Soviet signal corps, and additional gear. 
Tactical role on the battlefield

The T-44-100 is a classic Tier VIII Medium tank: fast, manoeuvrable, and with a sufficiently accurate and effective gun. The best way to use this new Soviet tank is to act as part of an assault groups of Medium tanks and support the actions of allied heavies. Try to avoid battles on your own in order to preserve your HP. It is much more effective to strike when your opponent is distracted and exposing their vulnerable side or rear armour.

Roll out!
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