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Special gamescom 2017
2017.08.23 - 2017.08.28
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Tedcrype 2020.03.08 15:54
I play on Frontline now

Yoncrype 2020.03.07 02:16
I like AMX 50 B

Tedcrype 2020.03.05 07:33
You are good

Yoncrype 2020.03.03 12:26
Weak tank all can penetrate easy

Tedcrype 2020.03.01 08:34
How about E100

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A New Vehicle Featuring Sabaton Now Available
Through the gates of hell, as we make our way to heaven, through the red team's lines...


Prepare yourself to experience metal like never before. Wargaming and the legendary metal band Sabaton teamed up to present you a new contender on the battlefield, the Primo Victoria! This vehicle has numerous features, making it stand out from the crowd, such as:
  • Custom Crew: modelled directly after Sabaton band members

  • The special perk 'Band of Brothers': all the advantages of Brothers in Arms, plus a hardcore icon

  • Exclusive voiceover: recorded by no other than the band's frontman, Joakim Brodén himself

  • Unique camouflage: designed for victory, this permanent camouflage embodies the fighting spirit of Sabaton and unites power and metal

  • Sabaton-themed emblems and inscriptions: simply inspired by metal!
For this occasion, we also have a special event with x3 XP and a couple of missions running, in which you are able to obtain each Sabaton-themed inscription 10 times and the emblem up to 8 times. Find more info on how to play this metal monster in our compact tank manual.
Premium Shop offers

+ Primo Victoria
+ Garage Slot
+ Sabaton Crew: 100% trained, with the 'Band of Brothers' perk
+ 16,750 Gold
+ Bonus: Sabaton-themed emblems and inscriptions
+ Bonus: 30 missions*: x5 XP per victory
+ 50 Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP for 2 hours
+ Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
+ Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1
+ Coated Optics
+ 25 Large Repair Kits
+ 25 Large First Aid Kits
+ 25 Automatic Fire Extinguishers

*Important: the missions in this package can only be completed on the Primo Victoria after the First Victory of the Day bonus is used up, and will expire on 1 December.


The experience multiplier and the missions are available from 17 August at 07:00 to 21 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2):

Once you fit an inscription or emblem to a vehicle, it is bound to the vehicle and cannot be used for another one. You can remove the emblem or inscription from the vehicle and fit it again any time.

More information on the special content

The Sabaton Crew

Joakim Brodén
Lead vocalist and founder of the metal band Sabaton. In World of Tanks, he takes the role of Commander.

Pär Sundström
Bassist, backing-vocalist, and co-founder of the metal band Sabaton. In World of Tanks, he takes the role of Radio Operator.

Tommy Johansson
Guitarist and backing-vocalist of the metal band Sabaton since 2016. In World of Tanks, he takes the role of Loader.

Hannes Van Dahl
Drummer and backing-vocalist of the metal band Sabaton since 2013. In World of Tanks, he takes the role of Gunner.

Chris Rörland
Guitarist and backing-vocalist of the metal band Sabaton since 2012. In World of Tanks, he takes the role of Driver.

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to change the name, picture, or roles of any of the aforementioned crew members. You can assign them to different Swedish vehicles, though.

Special Perk: Band of Brothers

Metal fans of the world, unite! This perk is similar to the perk 'Brothers in Arms', granting 5% to the training level of each crew member, as long as all crew members have this perk. If you mix Sabaton and normal crew members, 'Band of Brothers' does work with 'Brothers in Arms' or 'Sisterhood of Steel'.
Exclusive voiceover by Joakim Brodén

When rolling out with the Primo Victoria and the Sabaton crew, you can listen to Joakim Brodén's powerful battle commands. As the voiceover is bound to Jaokim Brodén, not the Primo Victoria, you can assign him to other Swedish vehicles if you'd like to enjoy the special voiceover on those.

Permanent Sabaton camouflage

The Primo Victoria comes with it's own custom and permanent camouflage that gives you a camouflage bonus of 3% on all map types.

This camouflage cannot be changed or removed. No emblems or inscriptions can be fitted to the Primo Victoria.

Ad victoriam, ex machina!
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Stevawaich · 29 Lapkričio 2019 08:03

One of bad tanks in the game
Lessafe · 28 Sausio 2020 19:20

Very nice
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