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Stevawaich 2019.09.30 15:14
Hello everybody and have a nice day

teenWin 2019.04.15 12:11
Tankistai maladec

teenWin 2019.04.15 02:42

Adultas7 2019.04.09 00:14
gerai viskas

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Sveiki kaip sekas?

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486 Series April 2

Are you strong enough? Do you have an eagle-eye? Are your shells sharper than razers?

The time has come to prove your claim! Without fear, there is no true courage - without courage, there are no heroes. Here is your chance to rise!

IMPORTANT: The new Tournament Interface is available. Make sure to check the "Tournaments" section on the portal to find out everything about the competitions you can participate in.

Click on the tournaments you want to register to:

4 Register to the Tier IV tournament
8 Register to the Tier VIII tournament
6 Register to the Tier VI tournament

The 486 series consists of three independent tournaments, each played using a different Tier, on a different day. You can register to one, two, or all three tournaments. If you only want to play in the Tier VI tournament for example, it's entirely up to you!

In the 486 series, all the participating teams will be sorted into groups of 10 teams. It is a round-robin tournament: each team plays against the nine other teams in their group and a ranking is then made in each group.

The series offers remarkable gold rewards!

All these tournaments will be played in 3v3 (+1 reserve player per team) in Encounter mode on:
  • Mines

  • Himmelsdorf

  • Ensk

  • Ruinberg

  • Lakeville

The Tier 4 Day will occur 18 April.
The Tier 8 Day will occur 20 April.
The Tier 6 Day will occur 22 April.

  • 1st place: 600

  • 2nd place: 400

  • 3rd place: 200

  • 4th place: 150


If 800 teams register to the same cup, the team finishing in 5th place of the Group Stage phase of this cup will receive 100.
  • If 1200 teams register to the Tier IV day: 10 tier IV (Valentine II) tanks will be distributed to random players

  • If 1200 teams register to the Tier VIII day: 10 tier VIII (AMX CDC) tanks will be distributed to random players

  • If 1200 teams register to the Tier VI day: 10 tier VI (Skoda T 40) tanks will be distributed to random players

Roll out!
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