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Version 9.15.1 Buying Personal Reserves In-Game


It’s been more than a year since Personal Reserves became available in the game - personal bonuses that increase the reward for the results of a battle for a certain period of time. Each of us has probably had time to familiarise ourselves with the practical benefits of their use because the reserves can be activated at any time convenient for a player, allowing you to get the most out of your time in the game.

Patch 9.15.1 will make using Personal Reserves more accessible and more convenient: it will be possible to buy this type of bonus from within the game client.

How do I Get Personal Reserves?

To get Personal Reserves you need to go to the hangar’s header, click on the player's nickname and go to the Personal Reserve menus. In the new update there will be an additional tab called "Buy Personal Reserves".

Currently there will be four types of Personal Reserves available for purchase using gold:
  • Additional Experience per Battle (Large): +25% XP for each battle for 2 hours;

  • Additional Experience per Battle (Large): +25% for each battle for 1 hour;

  • Additional Crew Experience per Battle (Large): +100% Crew XP for each battle for 2 hours;

  • Additional Crew Experience per Battle (Medium): +50% Crew XP for each battle for 4 hours.

Please remember that Personal Reserves can also be obtained by finishing special missions, they can also be found in packages in the Premium Shop. For more information about Personal Reserves and their benefits, please refer to the guide below.

Personal Reserves

Personal Reserves are special consumables that can change certain economic parameters for a limited time and affect Random Battles.

For now, only Personal Reserves boosting XP acquisition per battle are available. However, we are planning to introduce more variety to the bonuses as time go by.

Personal Reserves vary depending on the boost scale:
  1. Small

  2. Medium

  3. Large
Reserves of the same type are not additive, and the lesser coefficient takes priority in case 2 or more have been activated. For example, if you activate two Personal Reserves for additional Combat Experience that boost experience gain by 5% and 12.5%, only the 5% coefficient will apply. Additional gain from Personal Reserves is displayed in a separate line within post-battle statistics.

Personal Reserves are granted for completing certain missions in Random Battles which will be available in the Missions tab. Once such mission is completed, the reward Personal Reserves are stored for a limited time (storage duration will be indicated upon receiving a Personal Reserve as a reward for such mission):

Personal Reserves are only effective in Random Battles and last for a limited time after activation. If a Personal Reserve expires during battle, the player does not receive additional rewards. Up to three Personal Reserves can be active at a time. To activate a Personal Reserve, click on your nickname in the Garage heading and select available Personal Reserves:

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