WOT Mods 1.4
Weekend Missions
Special gamescom 2017
2017.08.23 - 2017.08.28
Weekend Missions Archive
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Tedcrype 2020.03.08 15:54
I play on Frontline now

Yoncrype 2020.03.07 02:16
I like AMX 50 B

Tedcrype 2020.03.05 07:33
You are good

Yoncrype 2020.03.03 12:26
Weak tank all can penetrate easy

Tedcrype 2020.03.01 08:34
How about E100

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This weekend, focus on your trusty tankers and get them in top fighting condition!
Test drive the latest update and share you feedback with us!
Check out all the challengers before they dynamite the stage and carry off the trophy!
We’re highlighting improvements to in-game sounds and providing a sneak peek at new HD models.
We get to grips with the latest addition to the Premium Shop, giving you the lowdown on its specs, play style, and combat tactics.
Get ready for the upcoming Swedish line with info on each model.
The Campaign continues with the stage 2 - read all about its specific rules.
Hit hard and march onward to victory in this new Tier VIII Premium tank.
This weekend, we salute the brave souls who took up arms to defend their homes and countries, risking their lives and often sacrificing everything so that we could live in more peaceful times.
Check out the amazing offers we have prepared for this year's Veteran's Day!
A close-up on what’s coming in Update 9.17.